Timeline Uncertain
Engine: Unity 2019.1

An immersive 3D first-person game inspired by Portal developed solely for university module "Multi- Platform Game Development". Uses a unique "Time swap" mechanic where player can travel between two Timelines (past and present) instantly by using a hand device. This mechanic is necessary to overcome obstacles like ruins and enemies, which exist only in one timeline.

The game uses only free art assets from the Unity Asset Store, programming is done entirely by me. I coded the basic character controller, created a character in Adobe Fuse and used free animations from Mixamo. Then I used Unity's animation blending and avatar to seamlessly blend hand animation when the time travel is commenced. I have worked with serialized objects to create checkpoints and stored data in binary, so that user's progress could be saved.

I have created an enemy which uses Unity's NavMeshAgent component so that it can track and get to the player.

At the end of the module I have won the "Best Game" award. It was determined by professors and other students votes. There were 87 games in total developed by students on this module that competed for this award.

If you wish to contact me please use the following email: