Divinest Light
Genre: Puzzle-platformer
Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
Engine: Unity 2019.4 (LTS)

Puzzle-platformer for mobile and desktop platforms, initially developed for the university final year project (dissertation). Features a "shadow-avoidance" mechanic where the player can only survive under the light shining from the sky. Therefore, it is needed to solve puzzles in the timely manner to avoid darkness as much as possible.

The game has minimal UI and a seamless transition between menu and gameplay, which is all done in the single scene in Unity.

I had to implement a sophisticated health system that restores player's health under the light and damages in darkness. As soon as the player changes from light to dark or vice versa, the system would decrease and increase the health accordingly. I have animated the character myself and used Unity's Anima2D package to create a 2D skeleton with a rigid body. Afer death, the character would fall with a limb system like a ragdoll. I have coded a smooth transition between beginning cutscene and gameplay, just like in Limbo or Inside.

At the end dissertation I have received an "A" grade for this project from university professors.

I decided to continue development of the game in February 2020 to fully finish it. Final release is scheduled for autumn 2020.

You already can try pre-alpha of the game by clicking the link below:

If you wish to contact me please use the following email: