Genre: First Person Shooter with Time Travel
Engine: Unity 2021 (LTS)
Release date: 2023
Platforms: PC (Windows, MacOS)

Manipulate time to overcome obstacles in a clever way. A sci-fi FPS game with large variety of weapons and foes set in a remote military research lab where an experiment has gone horribly wrong.

As a retired special military operative, you set out on the adventure to find a handheld time manipulation device, which is rumored to have been lost from a closed military research lab deep in the middle of nowhere.

  • Instantly travel between timelines to change the environment and overcome obstacles
  • Equip 8 unique weapons and gadgets for every combat situation
  • Explore atmospheric and interactable environments
  • 6 unique biomes: from Siberian mountains to space
  • Fight against a large variety of enemies

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